What are the Benefits of Using a Local Senior Living Advisor?

What are the Benefits of Using a Local Senior Living Advisor?

Placing an elderly loved one into a senior living community is difficult for most families. Even more daunting is the prospect of navigating the often-confusing world of senior living options to find the best arrangement for parents and grandparents.

The search for a senior living community in the Nashville Metro and Middle Tennessee can be a stressful, time-consuming experience involving seemingly endless phone calls, online research, and tours of communities you are guessing might be a good fit. If you're starting the process alone or for the first time, you might not know what to look for in a senior living community, know all the right questions to ask, or know what to be aware of. You may not know what factors may impact your loved one's happiness or well-being, where there might be hidden costs, and which communities are particularly well-suited for your senior’s care needs or personality.

That's where a local Senior Living Advisor comes in. We're here to provide professional support and seasoned expertise throughout the entire process of finding a senior home. Local Senior Living Advisors take the worry away by providing the information you need to ensure you make the most informed choice possible. Our goal is to match you with a senior living community where you or your loved one will be happy, safe, and comfortable.

What does a Senior Living Advisor do?

Local Senior Living Advisors help families find senior communities for themselves or an elderly loved one. They offer unmatched knowledge and experience about the local senior living communities in the local area. Their recommendations are based on the senior’s geographic desires, care requirements, financial situation, interests, and lifestyle. Your local Senior Living Advisor will always have your family's best interests at heart.

Senior Living Advisors offer seasoned, trusted guidance and answers to all of your questions. They demystify the entire process for you and work on your behalf to help facilitate a smooth transition to a local senior living community.

Here are some of the ways that local Senior Living Advisors bring significant value to your family:

1. Local Senior Living Advisors put their experience to work for you

Many families start looking for a senior living community with little to no knowledge of what senior living options are available or how they work. Senior Living Advisors use their experience, connections, and resources to save seniors and their families a great deal of time, stress, and indecision, making the entire process easier.

2. Local Senior Living Advisors are familiar with the communities in the area

Many families want their elderly loved ones nearby for family visits and celebrations. Also, many older adults want to stay near the community they've lived in for many years to keep in touch with friends and to allow them to visit the health professionals they've seen for years. Local Senior Living Advisors have an intimate knowledge about all of the senior living communities in your desired area. They can advise you of the pros and cons of each one.

3. Recommendations are based solely on your loved one's needs

Local Senior Living Advisors are not interested in just "making a sale." Their priority is to match each senior with a community that fits their needs, interests, and lifestyle. Whether they're looking for a facility with social opportunities, a wide assortment of activities, or 24-hour medical care, they’ll keep looking until they find the best-suited communities.

4. There's no cost to the senior or their family for a Senior Living Advisor’s services

Local Senior Living Advisors never bill you for their work. They earn a referral fee from the senior living community the senior and their loved ones select. This means hiring a local Advisor poses no risk to you financially, nor will there be pressure to select one community over another. Senior Living Advisors work solely for you and your family with complete objectivity.

5. Your budget is always respected

No matter the size of your budget or how you’re planning on paying for a senior living community(i.e. Veterans benefits, private pay, Medicaid, or long-term care insurance), your local Senior Living Advisor will work hard to match your loved one with the best options. You and your loved ones will always be treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect as you and your Advisor work together to find the senior their next home.

6. Local Senior Living Advisors have the knowledge to "pull back the curtain" on senior communities

 You'll likely find that senior living marketing materials such as brochures and websites usually only focus on the "good" side of things. Similarly, community tours usually showcase their best features. Local Senior Living Advisors know the positives and negatives of every senior living community in the region. You'll be privy to insider knowledge, such as if a community you're considering has had violations reported to the state authorities. When you're armed with the complete picture, you can make an informed decision with peace of mind.

7. Local Senior Living Advisors accompany you on community visits

Once the Advisor creates the best local senior living communities shortlist, they’ll join you on the site tours. Senior Living Advisors will attend your meetings with community representatives and ensure that all of your questions are answered and your concerns addressed. They will likely even come up with points you might never have thought of, but you’ll be glad they did.

8. Local Senior Living Advisors work at your pace

Some older people won’t move into a senior living community for several months after starting the process. However, others being discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation center may need assisted living arrangements immediately. In both cases, a local Senior Living Advisor can help. They'll carry out thorough research and make recommendations according to the senior’s timeline to provide options suiting the senior’s immediate or long-term needs, even if they need placement right away.

9. Your local Senior Living Advisor is a true partner for seniors and their loved ones

 They do more than just provide a valuable service. Local Senior Living Advisors team up with seniors and their families from the very beginning- sometimes right up until moving day. They’re genuinely committed to connecting clients with the best senior living community for the individual, all while taking the burdens of the process off their clients’ shoulders.

Find a Senior Living Advisor in the Nashville Metro area and Middle Tennessee

Navigating the complex world of finding the best senior living community for you or your elderly loved one can be exhausting, confusing, and discouraging. That's why many families rely on the expert guidance, exhaustive research, and trusted partnership of a Local Senior Living Advisor to help make the process easy.

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